Men Wear Pink, Too

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

An annual opportunity for people and communities to come together from October 1st - 31st for educational and fundraising benefits to help support women and survivors of breast cancer. This year our team devoted a new hat design around just that, a pink trucker hat to help support women, patients, and families who've fought the fight.

We have a limited quantity to share, please DM us through our Social Media channels or a directly through an EvoArch team member to get yours!

Here are a couple tips and and Things to Know around Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

- Inviting women to mammography screenings may reduce breast cancer mortality up to 20%
- Women with breast cancer faced significant financial hardships and wished their doctors had discussed and considered costs before initiating treatments
- Fundraising matters! Whether you're funding a mammogram, supporting education, or helping women in underserved communities, your dollars COUNT!

To donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation - please visit their website: