Doing Good in the Neighborhood

Hello wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail …. and more rain, and now some sun! Welcome to the beginning of the year for anyone that lives in Washington. The first part of the year is always a bustle, and for many of us we’re getting out of the Holiday blunder, or perhaps gearing up for Lunar New Year, we’re all eager to get started, then boom, It’s March Madness...
One thing I always see that’s a constant is Community. Community in helping others or perhaps Community within your family, or community at the office. Evolution Architecture’s goal every year is to connect with our community and continue to provide partnership and outreach to those that need it. Not just with our general contractors, clients, property managers and engineers, but local nonprofits that need resources to help promote their missions of doing good in their community.
At the end of 2019 Evolution Architecture raised over $4000 to help (9) nonprofits as part of the #EvoArchGivesBackCampaign – a program that was initiated in 2016 for our ownership group to support a nonprofit of their choice.
2019 Nonprofits:
1. Bloodworks NW
2. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
3. Burned Children Recovery Foundation
4. Northwest Harvest
5. Seattle Dogs Homeless Program
6. Seattle Children’s Hospital
7. Surmang Foundation
8. Red Cross
9. The Salvation Army
Our goal as a team is to grow into being a leading provider of exterior consulting services for the PNW region, and being recognized for our thought leadership, and moral compass. We strive to meet this goal by hiring talent to help us get to that place, and we attract talent through our Evolution Architecture brand, and in essence our own community.