Building Enclosure Investigation

Building enclosure failures lead to accumulating damage and elevated repair costs. Whether you are planning to hold on to the property long term, renovate, or live in it, periodic inspections of the building envelope will provide valuable information about the condition of the weatherproofing components. Additionally a detailed inspection helps to quantify repair requirements and assists with important aspects of the repair such as preliminary design and cost estimating. 

Types of Investigations

  • Non-Invasive Inspections
  • Invasive (Destructive) Investigation
  • Thermal Imagery
  • Air Quality and Mold Testing 
  • Window Testing

Special Note Regarding Multi-Family Structures:

Per Washington State RCW 64.55, new developments and large repair projects require ongoing investigations to verify the weatherization components were properly installed and functioning correctly to insure that underlying components are not being damaged. It is also important to uncover potential issues during warranty periods to better the chance that funds can be recovered to repair them. Older buildings beyond their warranty periods require investigations to uncover potential damage and protect owners from damage and cost accumulation over time. Some property insurance policies may also provide coverage for hidden water damage and/or structural impairment caused by water intrusion.